Well shouldn't it bother a white person when a POC cosplays a white person? I mean shows have POCs.

Okay really? Let’s look at Sherlock. You know I love that show but hell yeah that show lacks POCs. Do you really think I would expect every single POC Sherlockian to cosplay Sally Donovan or Janine Hawkins? No way. I am not going to stop a POC from cosplaying Sherlock or John or any other white character for that matter.

Our options are so fucking limited. I will even say this for Star Trek too I mean yeah certain series have more POCs but for TOS what if a POC wanted to cosplay a character form that series of Trek? Would I expect them to limit themselves to just Uhura or Sulu? Hell no.

When I was at Comikaze last year all the Sherlock cosplayers I saw were POCs. One Sherlock had a John with her and they were a POC too.

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Should it really bother me when I see white people cosplay POC characters when there are loads of white characters they can cosplay?

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Such a pretty picture of Vinette Robinson. 

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I will have 6” x 11” prints of this available at MCBA FallCon this weekend, October 5, at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Education Building! I will also have many other fun prints and things. So you better Trek yourself before you wreck yourself. Come see me!
You can also order this print at society6!

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I want to rewatch Voyager.

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just as much as a man can
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[Seven & Naomi’s friendship is so adorable.]

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goddammit bones i’m so done with you

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