Jim Kirk. Let me count the ways:

On a purely superficial note, his eyes (the colour of ‘whiskey and sunshine with a dash of absinthe’). They seem to change shade to match his shirt, and always sparkle with emotion

On another purely superficial note, his petite size and curvy shape. He’s not short, just small enough so that he has to look up to Spock. Also, he’s muscular and has wide shoulders, but tends to fill out on occasion and has a bubble butt. Kirk is this bizarre physical mash up of masculine and feminine, equal parts muscleman and dainty princess, and carries off the look with style and confidence

Dragging this back to why the character is so great, and not why William Shatner was very attractive, Kirk is a naturally sympathetic combination of arrogance and vulnerability. He doesn’t need to tower over everyone else because his authority comes from within. He’s handsome but not aggressively so, with his soft hazel eyes, dimples and little boy’s grin

On an emotional level, Kirk is nothing like his reputation – yes, he’s very flirty and tactile, but with everyone, men and women. The women he falls for are intelligent and independent, and more often than not become friends rather than lovers (if he doesn’t lose them completely).  He’s a romantic who’s not afraid to use his sexuality (or sensuality) to get what he wants. An idealist, Kirk often doubts his own abilities, but expects only the best that his crew can give. He will never demand more from them than he is willing to give himself, to the point of heading landing parties and micromanaging the running of the ship. Above all, Kirk believes in the five year mission of the Enterprise – he is curious and quick-thinking, and inspires the same qualities in those who serve with him

Having worked his way up from cadet to ensign to lieutenant while serving on two ships prior to taking command of the Enterprise, Kirk has earned his captaincy. He knows his job and every other post on the ship too – he’s a command pilot, can operate helm and navigation, work the comm. station, assist in engineering and jury-rig circuitry and machinery in a tight spot. He commands respect and loyalty from his crew because he has proved himself time after time

Although on good terms with his subordinates, Kirk rarely crosses the line into friendship and never gets involved with female crewmembers. The only two real friends Kirk has on the ship are Spock and Doctor Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. Spock is the closest to Kirk, because their relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, despite their very different personalities. Kirk depends on Spock’s cool logic to balance his own intuition, and he is proud to work alongside the ‘finest first officer in the fleet’. Spock is also very protective of his captain, a practical demonstration of the feelings which the Vulcan works hard to repress. Bones – and only Kirk uses this nickname for the doctor – is always on hand to offer emotional and psychological support, but he’s also the only member of the crew ready – and very willing – to tell the captain when he’s out of line. Occasionally McCoy takes this personal licence too far, adding to the burden of Kirk’s position, but only because he puts humanity before protocol

Kirk cares for his crew – though he’s not very good at putting names to faces – but prefers to keep his personal life to himself. He has suffered much, from surviving the genocide on Tarsus IV to losing his mentor and crewmates aboard the Farragut, but keeps his darkest memories from even Spock and Bones until pressed.

Basically, I love Kirk because there about a million more facets to his personality than the maverick space cowboy with an eye for the (green) ladies that everybody thinks they know. He’s smart, romantic, friendly and fair, but completely dedicated to the job and the philosophy of Starfleet. If he likes the company of women, he has also been known to work his charm on twentieth century pilots, Abraham Lincoln and his own first officer. Kirk is very sensual, but also gets completely flustered when talking about sex. This is a man who quotes Shakespeare, recognises references to Milton, and was known in his academy days as a ‘stack of books with legs’. A natural leader, Kirk is also a very private individual with hidden insecurities who can still identify with the lowliest ensign under his command. Believe half of what you see – an absurdly pretty man with a sunny smile who is not averse to walking around his own ship half naked – and none of what you hear: that’s the Kirk I love.

Oh, the second to the last one though.

This is Seriously the Most Hilarious Gif I’ve Ever Seen



I’ve been looking at this for like, five hours and I’m still laughing.

Yes but were the Klingons refitted as many times as the Enterprise?


After much procrastination I finally looked up why Klingons blood was pepto bismol in The Undiscovered Country.


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