Oh my god if your white and going to cosplay a POC don’t darken your fucking skin.

Honestly I would rather is white people just cosplayed white characters but if your going to cosplay a POC go as white not brown/red/yellow etc. face.

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Tom be like



Meanwhile the cumbercollectives


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Top favorite AUs right now

Drug Mafia

Homeless in Hawaii

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Oh my god we up for like 2 hours in the middle talking about this and neither of us bothered to google it which I finally did like a month later.

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I might be able to have a decent job by next year.

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Zoe Saldana’s husband Marco Perego steps in for her for the ALS ice bucket challenge

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Lieutenant Paris, did you disobey my direct orders and replicate a second fog machine?

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Al-Rahim Appreciation Week:

Day 3 - Favourite relationship with Al-Rahim: Leonardo da Vinci

Al-Rahim: Fate has chosen you, Leonardo.
Leonardo: I don’t believe in fate.
Al-Rahim: Then believe in yourself.
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